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Bel lavoro di Dario Ballardini !!!
Preti col Casco – Motosprint 52-2012

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… the Bishop of Imola stopped by the track to check things out, and even shook hands with Tardozzi.

Those expecting at that moment for the sky to crack open and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to appear were disappointed.

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L’Unità 07/07/2009 – Melloni: La condanna dei vescovi non nasconde alcun calcolo

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Per fortuna ci sono gli evangelici americani di sinistra che ci dicono quanto di buono c’è nei pronunciamenti delle Conferenze Episcopali Cattoliche….


… The biblical prophets tell us that God judges societies not by their gross national product, their military strength, or their cultural dominance, but by their justice and righteousness—especially how they treat the weak and vulnerable. There are multiple threats to human life and dignity that suggest a new moral agenda that could bring us together. Some of the elements of that new agenda could be:

• Overcoming extreme global poverty and disease, as well as unnecessary poverty at home

• Finding a better path to national and global security

• Advancing a consistent ethic of the sanctity of life

• Healing the wounds of racism and sexism

• Ending human trafficking and promoting human rights

• Strengthening marriage and families

• Renewing the moral fabric of our culture

• Protecting God’s creation

If we could agree on these basic principles, we could reshape American politics—and, with God’s help, we might change some of the big things that politics has been unable to change. That new agenda, consistent with our deeply held values and not bound to the standard right-left battles of American politics, could provide a new moral center for our public life. And if we could agree on the agenda, we could then focus on how best to accomplish it.

As for politics in an election year, the U.S. Catholic bishops have some good advice for us. They counsel Christians to be political but not partisan, principled but not ideological, clear but also civil, and engaged but not used.

Because, above all, we are called to be faithful to the principles of the kingdom of God.

Jim Wallis is editor-in-chief of Sojourners.

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