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“Il cristianesimo fa parte del patrimonio culturale della nostra nazione”, dice il primo ministro indiano. E’ infatti datata al primo secolo d.c. la presenza cristiana in India.

Article from Christian Today:

‘Christianity is part of our national heritage,’ says Indian PM by Jennifer Gold
Posted: Tuesday, October 21, 2008, 11:36 (BST)

Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh attempted to reassure Christians of their place in India when he met the head of the World Council of Churches on Saturday.

“Christianity is part of our national heritage,” Dr Singh told WCC General Secretary, the Rev Dr Samuel Kobia.

Kobia told reporters after the meeting that he was “extremely pleased” to hear this assertion from the Prime Minister, according to a WCC report.

The Indian Government has come under fire for its handling of a wave of attacks on Christians in Orissa state and other parts of the country, triggered by the killing of a Hindu leader in August. (altro…)

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