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Proprio quando le decisioni si fanno più difficili (bioetica, finanza, …) , quando la gente ha bisogno di sperare la politica inglese (solo quella?) ha una fifa blu di parlare di religione.

A report published by the Church of England earlier this year accused the Government of “deep religious illiteracy” and of having “no convincing moral direction”

Earlier this year, Nicholas Sarkozy …. called for a “blossoming” of religions. “A man who believes is a man who hopes,” he said. It is ironic that politicians in this country have abandoned belief – at the very moment that the people need hope.

From The Times – October 21, 2008

There’s a God-shaped hole in Westminster

Today’s politicians – whose favourite summer reading was The God Delusion – have never been more fearful of faith
Rachel Sylvester

The Archbishop of Canterbury likes to say that religion is getting increasingly political just as politicians become ever more interested in subjects that have traditionally been the domain of religion. For once, he has never been more right. (altro…)

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