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Calvin: still hot at 500 -Times Online

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Meet the New Calvinists, a generation of young Evangelicals thirsting for back-to-Bible basic. (…)

Such back-to-Bible basics strongly appeal to a generation broken by “divorce, drugs or sexual temptation,” claims Collin Hansen, the youngest religion editor at the magazine and website Christianity Today.

His book Young, Restless, Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey with the New Calvinists, was the result of his two-year quest to discover whether the trend for Reformed theology he had spotted with College contemporaries was a one-off or part of larger movement. After all Yale University had recently published a major biography of the popular 18th-century Puritan preacher Jonathan Edwards, a “number of Calvinists” were occupying top positions in US seminaries, preachers like Piper sold millions of books and had vast following at events like the student-based evangelical “Passion Conference”. In “locales as diverse as Birmingham, Alabama and New Haven, Connecticut,” he set out to discover “what makes today’s young evangelicals tick,” and thus the shape of tomorrow’s Church.

He found a generation “weary of churches that seek to entertain rather than teach, longing after the true meat of the Word” and Calvinist pastors concerned at evangelical mega-churches seemingly modelled on businesses.

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To the Catholic every other daily act is dramatic dedication to the service of good or of evil. (…) to a Christian of my kind this short earthly life is intensely thrilling and precious..

THE CALVINISM OF TO-DAY (What’s wrong with the world – G.K. Chesterton)pope-385_491121a

When I wrote a little volume on my friend Mr. Bernard Shaw, it is needless to say that he reviewed it. I naturally felt tempted to answer and to criticise the book from the same disinterested and impartial standpoint from which Mr. Shaw had criticised the subject of it. I was not withheld by any feeling that the joke was getting a little obvious; for an obvious joke is only a successful joke; it is only the unsuccessful clowns who comfort themselves with being subtle. The real reason why I did not answer Mr. Shaw’s amusing attack was this: that one simple phrase in it surrendered to me all that I have ever wanted, or could want from him to all eternity. I told Mr. Shaw (in substance) that he was a charming and clever fellow, but a common Calvinist. He admitted that this was true, and there (so far as I am concerned) is an end of the matter. He said that, of course, Calvin was quite right in holding that “if once a man is born it is too late to damn or save him.” That is the fundamental and subterranean secret; that is the last lie in hell. (altro…)

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