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First, don’t moralise. (…) The point about modern marriage is not the altar: it’s the commitment, the permanence and the recognition. A marriage certificate is the evidence, not the substance. That’s all you need to say. Don’t say a couple who haven’t tied the knot will always be undeserving of a tax break. Say it’s hard to think of a way of arranging it.

Second, avoid so far as possible proposals that can be described as “punishing” children born out of wedlock. For this reason I’m doubtful about the idea of tying the tax break to the production of children, as though the “legitimate” baby comes with a bounty round its neck, while the “illegitimate” child is unrewarded. Steer clear of child-related rewards. (…)

Third (and this pulls in the other direction) find a way to restrict this tax break tightly enough to allow it to be appreciable. For a start, resist the argument that, for equality’s sake, homosexual civil partners should be eligible. Don’t resist this on principle: say it’s a nice idea for the future, (…), but while money’s tight it makes sense to start with the kind of partnership most likely to involve children.  (…)

There will soon be two classes of prospective pensioner: older workers enjoying the generous employers’ pension schemes they’ve paid into, on the terms already contracted; and younger workers to whom only less generous contracts are available. Couldn’t post-2010 marriages, likewise, qualify for different treatment?

From this day forward, reward married couples | Matthew Parris – Times Online.

Matthew Parris – The Times – March 20, 2010

From this day forward, reward married couples

Everyone except a sour minority knows that marriage is good for society. Any gay man will tell you so. (altro…)

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