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Un genetista americano di primo livello (Francis Collins, ex direttore del National Genome Research Institute) parla di fede, ragione e conversione e di C.S. Lewis, sì, quello di Narnia (nella foto):

“As a committed materialist in college, I assumed the physical was all there was,” said Collins, who in 1977 at the age of 27 completed a career change from chemistry to medicine and became a doctor. This, he said, forced him to confront pain and death face-to-face. “That was a dramatic turn for me. The concepts were not hypothetical anymore.” Through encounters with patients, pastors and, finally, by reading “Mere Christianity” by CS Lewis, Collins realised, “I had never really looked at the evidence. Atheism had only been a convenient pathway. I had to decide what was really the truth but I thought that faith and reason were on opposite poles.”  “Mere Christianity” began life as a series of lectures given by Lewis in 1943, and the best-selling book that followed had a profound effect on Collins. “Even in the first few pages, all my arguments about faith just fell apart. It was breathtaking … Lewis remains my best teacher,” he said. Within a year, Collins had become a Christian.

Di seguito il testo completo:


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