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Increasing Number of Lutherans are Coming into the Catholic Church

BY Tim Drake

One of the most under-reported religious stories of the past decade has been
the movement of Lutherans across the Tiber. What first began with prominent
Lutherans, such as Richard John Neuhaus (1990) and Robert Wilken (1994),
coming into the Catholic Church, has become more of a landslide that could
culminate in a larger body of Lutherans coming into the collectively. In
2000, former Canadian Lutheran Bishop Joseph Jacobson came into the Church.
“No other Church really can duplicate what Jesus gave,” Jacobson told
the Western Catholic Reporter in 2006. (altro…)

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Puntate precedenti: qui

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… che ci crediate o no … (vedi questo vecchio post per capire)

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Swedish church not so gay-friendly

Church of Sweden members have voted to allow gay weddings, but it’s not quite the liberal breakthrough it seems

o Andrew Brown
o guardian.co.uk, Sunday 25 October 2009 13.00 GMT

The Church of Sweden’s decision to make no distinction in its marriage service between straight and gay couples is not as straightforward a triumph for liberal attitudes as it may seem. For one thing, half the church’s bishops signed a letter condemning it; but the extraordinary decision-making structure of the Swedish church means they have no special voice in its decisions. (altro…)

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Estratto da uin articolo di John L. Allen Jr sul quarto anniversario di pontificato di Benedetto XVIgodwin_bible460, che aiuta ad allargare le prospettive fuori dal mondo cattolico, in un mondo sempre più cristiano, ma anche lontano spesso dalla percezione che ha di sè il cristianesimo del mondo ricco, come si capisce da questa frase:

the demographic balance in Christianity is increasingly shifting to the global South, where the two main Christian groups are Catholics and Pentecostals. She suggests that “a reformed Catholicism and a mature Pentecostalism” may hold the key to the Christian future, and urges more conversation between the two.

Most commentary on the fourth anniversary of Benedict’s papacy has been intra-Catholic. This week, however, theologians from the Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, Orthodox, Pentecostal and Reformed traditions (with a Catholic thrown in for good measure) came to Rome to present a new book titled The Pontificate of Benedict XVI: Its Premises and Promises (Eerdmans). Editor William Rusch, an American Lutheran, presented the pope with a copy of the book, bearing the signatures of each of its contributors. (altro…)

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