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Dear ,

I’m writing today on the feast of St. Joseph the Worker to ask for your help in passing one of the most important pieces of legislation Congress will consider this year. The Employee Free Choice Act will help rebuild our economy by providing a more just and democratic process for workers to choose to form unions. Without this legislation, working families will continue to lose ground – and that hurts everyone.

To help convince some key senators to support this legislation, I’ve recorded a radio spot for Catholics United’s “Catholics for Working Families” project. The ad is ready; now we need your help running it in these senators’ states. Can you help?

Why do I support the Employee Free Choice Act? Because my Catholic faith tells me that our economy’s success is measured by how our lowest-paid workers fare – not by the bottom lines of those at the top. In the past fifty years, U.S. union membership has declined from 30% to less than 12%. At the same time, working families’ income has stagnated and corporate pay has skyrocketed.

Please, join me in helping our legislators do the right thing for America’s hard-working families. Support the Catholics for Working Families radio ad campaign with a donation today.


Martin Sheen and the Catholics United team

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