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They talk about the slavery and say that 200 years ago Christians were opposed to the freedom of slaves and they compare us to those Christians for our attitude to gay and lesbian practises. To be honest, I think this is inviting us to another kind of slavery, slavery of the flesh, to go and do whatever our lusts dictate. (…) Should we allow culture to pressure the Church or should the Church be distinctive, light and salt to the world?

Bishop Mouneer Anis of Eygpt, Primate of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East:

“I found the presidential address of Archbishop Rowan very clear. He clearly described what is happening and the thinking of people on both sides. (altro…)

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Dichiarazione di un vescovo episcopaliano (anglicano USA) alla conferenza di Lambeth che riunisce le varie diocesi anglicane del mondo una volta ogni 10 anni, apparsa sul sito del Times di Londra.

Keith Ackerman, Bishop of Quincy, Illinois: “Any opportunity to preach Jesus Christ is a joyful opportunity. However, central truth is not a matter which can be mediated. Why do those who seek to drive change regarding the message in the bible on sex want us to defend what is not ours to defend? This was given us by God himself. (altro…)

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Il Cardinal Ivan Dias, indiano, Prefetto della Congregazione per l’evangelizzazione dei popoli, inviato pontificio alla conferenza Anglicana di Lambeth, dopo avere citato ampiamente la Lettera a Diogneto, parla dell’evangelizzazione in questi termini:

This is, in short, what Christian witness is all about, and what the world needs today. It needs the credible witness of simple Christians who live in the world, with its joys and sorrows, its hopes and tribulations, but are not of the world. In fact, our contemporaries believe more willingly in witnesses, than in teachers; and if they do believe in teachers, it is because they are witnesses. Bishops, therefore, should encourage their faithful to “give witness to the hope which is in them” (1Pt 3:15 ), so as to impress one and all that Christians as a whole are God-fearing, peace-loving and law-abiding. The world today needs Christian apologists, not apologisers; it needs persons like John Henry Cardinal Newman, G. K. Chesterton, C. S. Lewis, Hilaire Belloc and others, who brilliantly expose the beauty of the Christian faith without blushing or compromise.

Io la frase la intendo come: c’è bisogno di apologeti della fede cristiana e non di gente che chiede scusa per il fatto di essere credenti, preda di una ingiustificata sudditanza psicologica verso il mondo. Il testo completo qui di seguito con il passaggio sull’Alzheimer spirituale e il Parkinson ecclesiale: (altro…)

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