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Gordon Brown: Christians should not have to hide faith

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said that Christians should not have to hide their faith in the workplace and stressed that the “role of religion and faith in the public square is incredibly important”.

by Daniel Blake

Posted: Monday, August 10, 2009, 22:13 (BST)

Mr Brown said in an interview with Premier Radio that he believed it was impossible for Christians to be expected to work detaching themselves from their faith beliefs, and that they should not be expected to entirely separate their faith and work. (altro…)

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There is an unhealthy seam of rampant individualism at the heart of this Bill, rooted in a consumerist mentality where the science that allows something to happen is transformed into the right to have it. The “cogito ergo sum” of Descartes – I think therefore I am – becomes the consumerist mantra – I shop therefore I am: “Tesco ergo sum”.The competing individualist arias of “I, I, I” and “me, me, me” provide the mood music for an individualism that posits the right of a wannabe parent over the welfare of a child.This virus of individualistic consumerism which informs a rights based mentality is alien to those of us who have learnt the African concept of obuntu bulamu: “I am because we are: I belong therefore I am”.

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SENTAMU FIGHTINGBISHOPL’Arcivescovo di York, John Sentamu, in visita pastorale.

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