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Obama talks much more comfortably about his faith than Kerry did during the 2004 campaign. And Obama talks about it in a way that connects in a fairly straightforward fashion to Catholic social teachings on economic issues. And if one adds other issues that Obama has championed, such as opposition to the war in Iraq, there are a number of key points that white Catholics may find very cogent on religious grounds.

Dall’indagine del Pew Forum sugli orientamenti elettorali dei gruppi religiosi USA, ed in particolare sugli orientamenti dei cattolici bianchi non ispanici (gruppi di discendenti irlandesi, polacchi, italiani).

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“If Obama goes on to win, one of the significant stories will be the profile of the faith vote,” said Kinnaman. “People will wonder whether he won because of effective outreach by Democrats to the Christian community, ineffective efforts of Republicans, or shifts in the voting priorities of Christians, especially younger believers. Whatever the case, compared to when the names Kerry and Bush were on the ballot, the Democrats are poised to make up significant ground among born again and evangelical voters.”

Da Christian Today – link qui a fianco

Obama attracting more evangelical voters by Audrey Barrick, Christian Post

Saturday, October 25, 2008, 5:56 (BST)

Anything can happen less than two weeks away from the day the American people head to the booths to elect their next president. (altro…)

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Sr. Dianna Ortiz e Fr. Roy Bourgeois, che hanno subito torture e l’ex “military interrogator” Joshua Casteel insieme alle organizzazioni Catholics United, True Majority, e School of the Americas Watch hanno lanciato in questo video un appello/rimprovero John McCain per un bando definitivo della tortura, senza eccezioni. McCain infatti, dopo avere iniziato la campagna per la candidatura repubblicana, ha abbandonato la linea anti-tortura per una compromissoria. Nel video appare anche il Papa Benedetto XVI.

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Questo spot è stato realizzato dal gruppo Catholics United e rinfaccia a McCain il suo voto contro programmi a favore della maternità e della copertura sanitaria per l’infanzia e il suo voto a favore della guerra.

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Un profilo del giovane governatore della Louisiana, possibile candidato alla vicepresidenza con John Mc Cain. Bobby Jindal è figlio di famiglia indu immigrata e qui parla della sua conversione al cattolicesimo. Il passaggio più bello:

“If that was really the son of God, and he really died for me, then I felt compelled to get on my knees and worship him.” “It was liberating,” said Mr. Jindal about his moment. “Up until that point, my prayer life was like a child talking to Santa Claus — making deals with God saying ‘I’ll be good, but this is what I want in return.'” (altro…)

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