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Due articoli apparsi sulla sezione religione del Times in occasione del 40° della Humanae Vitae – Estratto di entrambe e testo completo di quello più “ortodosso”.

“…with liberty has also come licence. Single women, in particular, seem often burdened by the modish expectations of society: that sex should be readily available; that sex is a form of recreation, rather than the bedrock of a relationship marked by stability and fidelity.” – Catharine Pepinster, editor of The Tablet

(…) Humanae Vitae states that women are to be treated with dignity and respect. The Pill not only ensures that women are always available but are ultimately responsible for avoiding pregnancy. (…) In predominantly Catholic Uganda, successful abstinence-based programmes reduced HIV infections from over 20 per cent of the population in the early 90s to roughly six per cent today whereas South Africa, one of Africa’s most secular countries using programmes based on condom use, has one of the continent’s highest rates of HIV infection. (…) Church teaching on sex and marriage works and there are countless couples … who are living proof. Society’s alternative has led only to divorce, family break-up, abortion and heart-ache. When will it wake up to the reality of the Emperor’s new clothes? (…) Citra Abbott, Catholic journalist

From Times Online
August 15, 2008
Contraception: right or wrong?
Sex is a gift, and so are children
Citra Abbott, Catholic journalist (altro…)

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