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ICNC_CM-2TDove un prete liberal anglicano dice che lo sport è l’oppio dei popoli e non la religione, come voleva Marx, citando ad esempio dei preti cattolici che celebrano l’eucaristia a cavallo dei confini.

The universal church catholic may not be the international that Marxists were looking for. But it has proved a far more powerful and lasting expression of human solidarity than that offered by Marx himself. Fr Groody again: “The Eucharist is not an escape from reality while it immerses itself in the realm of the spiritual, but a challenge to enter more deeply into those struggles while the people of God wait in eschatological hope for the fulfilment of the reign of God in history.”

Radical faith – Giles Fraser – The Guardian

The church has proved a far more powerful and lasting expression of human solidarity than that offered by Marx

The question: Is religion the opium of the people?

Marx’s indictment of religion as the opium of the people makes a good deal of sense so long as religion is expressed solely in terms of consolation. That it is pie in the sky when you die. Thus the revolutionary consciousness is blunted by the dreams of eschatological bliss. But this gets most religion – and certainly orthodox Christianity – all wrong. (altro…)

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T-shirt militante da Kerusso.com

T-shirt militante da Kerusso.com

… Cormac’s flock should continue being persecuted and marginalised, because that is part of the original remit of the faith, and it is opposition and counter-cultural thinking which brings out the best in the faithful.

We should revel in our outsider status

It’s the Christian destiny to be a thorn in the side of a greedy, materialistic mainstream culture
* Mary Kenny

o guardian.co.uk, Saturday 7 March 2009 14.00 GMT

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor – likely to be the first Roman Catholic bishop to take his place in the House of Lords since the Reformation – thinks it a great failing of our society today that Christians are marginalised and persecuted. There is, he says, far less tolerance for Christianity today – or perhaps any form of religious belief – than there was a generation ago.

This is quite so: there is far less tolerance for Christianity today than there was a generation ago. But wait a minute. Aren’t Christians supposed to be persecuted? Didn’t Jesus Christ say so himself in the New Testament that “if you love me, the world will hate you”, or words to that effect? (altro…)

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down_syndromeUn articolo dal Guardian nota che al migliorare delle condizioni di accoglienza ed integrazione, nonostante l’aumento dell’utilizzo degli strumenti di diagnosi prenatale, sono aumentati i bambini nati con sindrome di Down (o bisognerebbe dire i bambini lasciati consapevolmente nascere nonostante le diagnosi prenatali).

Allora dove sta il punto? Forse sta proprio nel fatto che se tutta la comunità se ne fa carico, i disabili diventano improvvisamente degni di esistere e non esseri da eliminare, indegni della vita.

Ovvero, il punto non sta in loro ma in noi-“normali”.

Stesso argomento su Avvenire 28/11/2008


More babies with Down’s syndrome born as attitudes change
Facilities in mainstream schools mean diagnosed children have brighter futures than 20 years ago

* Sadie Gray and agencies
* guardian.co.uk, Monday November 24 2008 10.08 GMT

More babies with Down’s syndrome are being born today than before pre-natal testing became widespread, as perceptions of the condition change.

In 1989, the year screening was widely introduced in the UK, 717 babies with Down’s syndrome were born. In 2006, the last year for which figures are available, 749 were born.

The numbers had fallen in the years following the introduction of testing, to 594 in 2000. (altro…)

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