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The problem, of course, is made worse by the effects of secularisation, one of which is the systematic loss of religious knowledge. It follows that necessarily sensitive debates are very often engaged by people who, literally, do not know what they are talking about – with respect to their own faith, never mind anyone else’s. It is little wonder that things get out of hand.godwin_bible460

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Grace Davie is professor of sociology at the University of Exeter

Christian, but not as we know it – Grace Davie

Europe has been changed fundamentally by an influx of peoples from around the world. But faith, and Christian faith, remain part of its basic character

The question: is Europe’s future Christian?

Is Europe’s future Christian? My answer is “yes” but not in the same way that it is now.

Predicting the future about religion in Europe is, however, tricky as more than one thing is happening at once. On the one hand, Europe is becoming markedly more secular; on the other religion is rising in the public agenda of both the EU as a whole and its member states. These contradictory “forces” are brought about by different things, but have occurred at the same time. Why is this so and what are the consequences? (altro…)


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