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Second Christian street preacher awarded damages for wrongful arrest | Christian News on Christian Today.


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I have been approached by some friends of mine who are part of a non-denominational Christian church who claim that God desires us all to be wealthy and that if we do not achieve wealth, it is due to a lack of faith.


Jesus tells a rich young man who wants to know what he must do to gain eternal life: “Go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me” (Matt. 19:20). Then Jesus says of the rich: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” (Matt. 19:24).

Your friends are only kidding themselves. The Gospels are full of examples of God’s favor being focused on the poor, not the rich. Jesus enters the world in a stable and lives in a working-class family. St. Joseph was a laborer, not a worker with fine wood. Through the years there have been many who have preached the gospel of the full stomach. But it is not the gospel of Jesus. Most of the saints who were born into wealth renounced it sooner or later.
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A Deeper Look at the Many Evangelicals Turning Catholic

BY Matthew Warner

| Posted 8/5/10 at 2:26 AM

Is there a growing trend of Evangelicals converting to Catholicism? Many think so, including this recent article:

[There is a large] community of young believers whose frustration with the lack of authority, structure, and intellectualism in many evangelical churches is leading them in great numbers to the Roman Catholic Church. This trend of “Crossing the Tiber” (a phrase that also served as the title of Stephen K. Ray’s 1997 book on the phenomenon), has been growing steadily for decades, but with the help of a solid foundation of literature, exemplar converts from previous generations, burgeoning traditional and new media outlets, and the coming of age of Millennial evangelicals, it is seeing its pace quicken dramatically. (altro…)

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Regno Unito: la “sorpresa” di Benedetto XVI

L’opinione pubblica sembra concentrata su ciò che Benedetto XVI sta dicendo in tema di pedofilia durante il viaggio nel Regno Unito. In effetti, il papa sta approfittando di questo viaggio come occasione per offrire un chiarimento definitivo della sua posizione in materia. Mi sembra, però, più importante e sorprendente un altro suo intervento che finora non è stato adeguatamente preso in considerazione e che secondo me potrebbe essere in futuro considerato come uno dei momenti capitali di questo pontificato. Mi riferisco alla visita all’arcivescovo di Canterbury Rowan Williams. Durante il discorso, facendo riferimento all’incontro con le altre religioni e all’ecumenismo, il papa non solo ha ribadito una volta di più la necessità del dialogo, ma ha anche pronunciato una frase colma di significato per chi conosce il linguaggio teologico: la Chiesa è chiamata ad essere inclusiva, ma mai a scapito della verità cristiana. (altro…)

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 “Quando abbiamo pensato a far nascere un movimento democratico – dice Chai Ling – gridavamo che tutti gli uomini nascono uguali. Ora so e posso dire con tutta la fiducia il perché: Dio li ha creati uguali, a immagine di Lui”.

04/05/2010 12:04
Chai Ling, ex leader di Tiananmen è divenuta cristiana
La sua conversione dovuta all’impotenza nel cambiare la Cina e al dolore per gli aborti forzati che avvengono nel suo Paese con la legge del figlio unico “cento volte più violenta del massacro di Tiananmen”. L’invito ai leader cinesi di pentirsi e a scoprire il perdono di Dio.

Boston (AsiaNews) – Chai Ling, l’unica donna leader di piazza Tiannamen nell’89, si è fatta battezzare il 4 aprile scorso. Aveva domandato di essere cristiana nel dicembre 2009.
Il giorno del suo battesimo ella ha spiegato il motivo che l’ha portata alla fede cristiana: la sua impotenza a cambiare la Cina e il dolore a vedere tanta violenza nel suo Paese, non solo nel campo dei diritti umani e della democrazia, ma soprattutto per gli aborti forzati causati dalla legge del figlio unico, che lei definisce “un massacro di Tiananmen quotidiano, cento volte superiore e fatto alla luce del giorno”. (altro…)

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Evasive answers don’t help

The short answer is that the Bible is anti-gay. But this doesn’t necessarily mean what we take it to

John Richardson – guardian.co.uk, Thursday 17 December 2009 13.30 GMT

The question: Is the Bible anti-gay?

Is the Bible anti-gay? The short answer has to be “Yes”. Despite Theo Hobson’s commendable efforts to argue that it is not talking about us, and Davis Mac-Iyalla’s desire to summarise Jesus’ message as a quote from the Old Testament (Leviticus 19:18), the modern enquirer, who has posed this most modern of questions, will surely find any other answer evasive.

Yet that answer does not at all mean what the enquirer will take it to be saying. It is like the lawyer who asked of Jesus, “What shall I do to be saved?”and was told to keep the great commandments. The answer was true enough, but the fullness of truth lay outside the form of the question. The subsequent parable of the Good Samaritan is not a truism about altruism, but a challenge to the questioner’s world-view. (altro…)

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An Evangelical Trojan Horse in the Democratic Party?
by Brian McLaren 11-12-2009

A recent Daily Kos post asks this question: Does the Evangelical movement belong in the Democratic Party?

Of course, many Evangelicals — probably most — can answer that question without a moment’s thought: absolutely not. The Republican Party is still the only party for them: abortion, gay marriage, and freedom of corporations from governmental accountability (which is what “small government” often means in practice) are their three litmus test issues, trumping all other issues to the level of annoying distractions — whether we’re talking about preserving the planet for future generations, working for justice for the poor, or pursuing peace through means other than military and economic domination.

But the Daily Kos question is being asked of Democrats, not Evangelicals: “Is a growing Christian base of leaders and voters good for the party?” As a registered Democrat from an Evangelical background, I think there’s an erroneous assumption in play in the Daily Kos post:

There is a growing movement since 2004 of evangelical leaders embracing the Democratic Party. Many feel that Bush used this base to get him elected, then turned on them. (altro…)

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