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The big step in life is to swallow hard, go inside, and see for yourself with your eyes and heart open. It’s amazing what you find.

From scepticism to belief – When I discovered the social teaching of the Catholic church, my political urgings suddenly made sense

Austen Ivereigh – guardian.co.uk, Friday 21 August 2009 11.11 BST

The question: How did you lose, or find, your faith?

I found my faith the way others lose theirs: by examining the presuppositions of secularism and finding them wanting.

I was educated at a loving monastic school, but I don’t remember believing. The assumption at that time was that the monks were doing something quaint but anachronistic, like a tribe performing ritual dances shortly before a motorway was built across their ancestral lands. It took me years to realise that they’ll be there long after the motorway collapses. (altro…)


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…«il cristiano – come scriveva don Mazzolari nel ’47 – non va a cambiare il mondo ma a cambiare se stesso».dario_manifesta

Europa Quotidiano – 11 aprile 2009

La carità che si fa politica
In queste ore in cui si confondono la gioia per la Pasqua e il dolore per la tragedia del terremoto in Abruzzo, cade un anniversario importante e particolare proprio perché si tratta di ricordare una personalità nella quale quelle due dimensioni della vita, la sofferenza e la speranza, sono state indissolubilmente insieme. Sono passati cinquant’anni dalla morte di don Primo Mazzolari e la memoria di questo prete semplice e forte ancora ci parla. (altro…)

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Published on National Catholic Reporter (http://ncronline3.org/drupal)noprob_logo

Catholics meet Obama team, discuss policy – By DENNIS CODAY – Published: December 17, 2008

Delegates at the Philadelphia convention affirm the “Platform for the Common Good.” Representatives of 15 Catholic organizations met with President-elect Barack Obama’s transicacgtion team yesterday in Washington.

The Catholic groups presented members of the transition team with a list of policy concerns in the areas of international development and trade, health care reform, immigration, domestic policy and poverty reduction, and the environment. (altro…)

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