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The big step in life is to swallow hard, go inside, and see for yourself with your eyes and heart open. It’s amazing what you find.

From scepticism to belief – When I discovered the social teaching of the Catholic church, my political urgings suddenly made sense

Austen Ivereigh – guardian.co.uk, Friday 21 August 2009 11.11 BST

The question: How did you lose, or find, your faith?

I found my faith the way others lose theirs: by examining the presuppositions of secularism and finding them wanting.

I was educated at a loving monastic school, but I don’t remember believing. The assumption at that time was that the monks were doing something quaint but anachronistic, like a tribe performing ritual dances shortly before a motorway was built across their ancestral lands. It took me years to realise that they’ll be there long after the motorway collapses. (altro…)

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