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Da Avvenire 27/04/2009archdioces_of_philadelphia_crest

«Bene il piano anti-aborti in Usa»
L’arcivescovo di Filadelfia Justin Rigali ha giudicato positivamente la legge presentata dai democratici in Congresso per offrire assistenza alle giovani che scelgono di non abortire (Ap)
Giudizio positivo del cardinale Rigali al progetto democratico per sostenere le donne e ridurre le interruzioni di gravidanza

I vescovi statunitensi hanno espresso pubblicamente il proprio sostegno ad un piano della maggioranza democratica per ridurre il numero degli aborti e per sostenere le donne in gravidanza. (altro…)


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Dove si invitano i vescovi USA a seguire l’esempio di quelli italiani che rifiutarono l’appoggio alla lista religionandpoliticslargeanti-aborto di Ferrara perchè ghettizzante del tema e perchè presupponeva un ghetto dei “buoni” contro i “cattivi”.

Last spring, when Italy (where abortion is legal and state-subsidized) was having yet another national election, some politicians put together a list of “pro-life” candidates and asked for the church’s endorsement. The Italian bishops conference, in their magazine, Avvenire, was having no part of it. Their spokesperson said: “The initiative of a list on abortion, beyond its noble intent, mistakenly brings a moral theme to an electoral competition. It’s as if it were a list of ‘pure people,’ of ‘champions,’ of ‘specialists.’ It carries a grave risk of extremism, of ghettoization of one part of the Catholic world on such a sensitive issue.”

Would that all our American bishops were as wise.

NCR Commentary: The Republican captivity

By Nicholas P. Cafardi – Published: November 25, 2008 – Published on National Catholic Reporter

In their long history, the People of God have seen many captivities, both literal and figurative: the Babylonian Captivity; the Constantinian Captivity, the Carolingian Captivity, the Holy Roman Empire Captivity, the Avignon Captivity. In each of these situations, civil authorities captured God’s people and used them for their own advantage. One would think that history has seen enough of such “captivities,” and that the church, having learned from this history, would be wary of it ever happening again.

What then explains the current captivity, perhaps more figurative than literal, of the Catholic church in America by the Republican Party? (altro…)

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Proprio un altro mondo… Lì tra cattolici si discute su chi sia più vicino all’insegnamento dalla Chiesa, qui spesso si fa a gara ad ignorarlo. Dal New York Times.

October 5, 2008
A Fight Among Catholics Over Which Party Best Reflects Church Teachings

As the Roman Catholic Church observes its annual “respect life” Sunday in this heated presidential election season, the unusually pitched competition for Catholic voters is setting off a round of skirmishes over how to apply the church’s teachings not only on abortion but also on the war in Iraq, immigration and racism. (altro…)

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Riporto di seguito dettagli sulle variazioni al programma del Partito Democratico USA determinate anche dall’attività di gruppi evangelici e cattolici (vedi post precedente https://channelman.wordpress.com/2008/09/17/tony-campolo-democratici-e-aborto/ e https://channelman.wordpress.com/2008/09/19/mr-mccain-contano-i-fatti/). Qui di seguito le positive reazioni del gruppo Catholics United:

“Catholics United welcomes the Democratic Party’s new platform language as the seed of a practical and effective plan to significantly reduce abortions in the United States. Although we understand that Catholic teaching does not support all the provisions contained in the party’s abortion platform, we believe faithful Catholics will appreciate this development as a positive step toward abortion policy Americans of diverse ideological and religious backgrounds can unite behind.

For far too long, extremists on both sides of the political spectrum have used the abortion issue to divide voters, often at the expense of other pressing concerns. By focusing on the root causes of abortion – economic inequality, lack of education and health care, and other threats to the integrity of the American family – the leaders of the Democratic Party are signaling a willingness to bring Americans together in support of common ground solutions. (altro…)

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