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4soldi68001In 1985, long before the current economic crisis, an address was delivered in Rome on capitalism and ethics. “It is becoming an increasingly obvious fact,” said the speaker, “… that the development of economic systems which concentrate on the common good depends on a determinate ethical system…Conversely, it has also become obvious that the decline of such discipline, can also cause the laws of the market to collapse.”

The speaker was Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, who has since become pope.

Benedict XVI is not (and has never claimed to be) an economics specialist; but his speech did reveal an instinctive wisdom about the capriciousness of our global economy.

Pope Benedict is the man on the money | Brian Griffiths – Times Online 

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The Times – July 13, 2009 – Brian Griffiths: Pope Benedict is the man on the money

The best analysis yet of the global economic crisis tells how people, not just rules, must change

Brian Griffiths – Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach, trustee of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lambeth Trust and Vice-Chairman of Goldman Sachs International

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…an attempt to synthesize three of the most persistent dichotomies in recent pope1Catholic experience: Personal conversion versus social reform; Pro-life versus peace and justice commitments; Horizontal versus vertical spirituality. (…) The truth and love of Christ … is “the principal resource at the service of the true development of every single person and of all humanity.”

A key to reading Benedict’s social encyclical
By John L Allen Jr – Jul 02, 2009

Italians have a wonderful phrase, chiave di lettura, which literally means a “key to reading.” It refers to some core idea, or perspective, that can help make sense of a complex mass of material. Since Benedict XVI’s long-awaited encyclical on the economy is finally set to appear next Tuesday, it seems a good time to float a possible chiave di lettura for the document, which I can express in one word: synthesis.

Titled Caritas in Veritate (the English title is “Love in Truth,”) the encyclical will be presented Tuesday in a Vatican news conference. I’ll be on hand for it, as well as for Pope Benedict’s meeting with President Barack Obama next Friday. (altro…)

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Europa – 9 giugno 2009tetto

Tettamanzi: «Solidarietà è anche vivere con sobrietà» – Il cardinale parla del suo “manifesto per scuotere le coscienze”

Nel Natale del 2008, per rispondere alla crisi economica, ha lanciato dal duomo di Milano la proposta di un fondo di solidarietà che in pochi mesi ha raccolto più di quattro milioni e 300 mila euro. E adesso, con il libro Non c’è futuro senza solidarietà (San Paolo, 144 pagine, 14 euro), il cardinale Dionigi Tettamanzi chiede a tutti, nella sua diocesi ma anche nell’Italia intera, di immaginare il domani in modo nuovo. Il grande male è la solitudine, la speranza è nella corresponsabilità, che deve dar vita a stili di vita improntati alla sobrietà.

Eminenza, perché secondo lei non c’è futuro senza solidarietà?

Io vedo che dove c’è solitudine non c’è speranza, ma solo disperazione. E dove manca la speranza manca la vita. (altro…)

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