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Truth in Investment -Times Online4soldi68001

Rabbi Mark Goldsmith, Principal Rabbi of North Western Reform Synagogue, London and Rev Seamus Finn, Director Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation, Missionary Oblates, Washington DC.

Rabbi Goldsmith and Fr. Finn are members of the Executive Committee of the International Interfaith Investment Group (3iG)

The world has never been fully created. Judaism teaches that each human being is God’s partner in the continuing work of creation, through the concept of Tikkun Olam, our responsibility to repair the world in order that it can achieve the perfection that was intended for it. In his 1967 Encyclical Populorum Progressio Pope Paul VI stated the Christian parallel to this doctrine: “Everyone who works is a creator”. Many quotations from Populorum Progressio are included in the encyclical Caritas in Veritate (Truth in Charity) published on July 7 by Pope Benedict XVI, which is the latest statement of Catholic social teaching for today.

Human work is never morally neutral. We always do it within the context of the economy of the time and place. (…)

Just as we expect a good standard of ethical practice from charities and governmental bodies, so too should we expect and demand a good standard of ethics from the businesses in which we invest. Our faith demands that we do no less as we seek to realise our commitment to one another and to our earthly home. As Pope Benedict’s Encyclical teaches corporations are just as much participants in God’s world with duties as well as rights as we are as individuals.


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epulone-lazzaroDa Repubblica-Bologna 31-12-2008
“Caffarra cerca di dare un segnale ma non deve restare isolato” di Valerio Varesi

Stefano Zamagni, economista di fama della nostra università, se la prende con il collega Simon Kuznets, premio Nobel e inventore della famosa curva omonima ben nota a chi si occupa di redditi, ricchezza e prodotto interno lordo.

Professore, ma cosa c´entra la “curva di Kuznets” con l´idea di monsignor Caffarra di istituire una carta di credito prepagata per i poveri?
«C´entra, c´entra? Kuznets diceva che non importava la distribuzione del reddito, ma che quest´ultimo aumentasse. Se cresceva, anche i ceti meno abbienti, alla fine, ne avrebbero beneficiato. Gli esempi della Cina e della Russia, dimostrano che è una teoria fallace. E la situazione di Bologna lo dimostra» (altro…)

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