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5 marzo 2010
Il viaggio interiore del pellegrino Chesterton verso la Chiesa cattolica
di Massimo Donaddio

Chesterton e la Chiesa cattolica. La potremmo definire una storia d’amore, un “romanzo dell’ortodossia” che ha attraversato mente, cuore, penna, ogni fibra dell’essere di questo grande scrittore inglese, amico-rivale di George Bernard Shaw, che ha stupito il suo tempo con l’ironia e con la passione per il paradosso tipica delle genti d’Inghilterra, ma anche con un’adesione fermissima e convinta ai dogmi della Chiesa cattolica romana, tanto da dedicare ai temi della fede la gran parte della sua sterminata produzione letteraria. Un rapporto a fasi alterne, quello tra Chesterton e la Chiesa, sfociato in una conversione, prima al cristianesimo, in seguito alla forma cattolica della fede cristiana (1922). (altro…)

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The next great heresy is going to be simply an attack on morality; and especially on sexual morality. And it is coming, not from a few Socialists surviving from the Fabian Society, but from the living exultant energy of the rich resolved to enjoy themselves at last, with neither Popery nor Puritanism nor Socialism to hold them back… The roots of the new heresy, God knows, are as deep as nature itself, whose flower is the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eye and the pride of life. I say that the man who cannot see this cannot see the signs of the times; cannot see even the skysigns in the street that are the new sort of signs in heaven. The madness of tomorrow is not in Moscow but much more in Manhattan – but most of what was in Broadway is already in Piccadilly.
[GKC, G. K.’s Weekly, June 19, 1926; quoted in Maycock, The Man Who Was Orthodox, 123]

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Christianity is a social liberator.  And we Catholics should read our history. Christianity is the single most important element in the development of modern western society. Everything that we hold dear from science to women’s lib are inconceivable outside a Christian or post-Christian society. They have never appeared in any other environment. (….) its contribution remains foundational.

How Catholics must fight back

The Catholic church has been a force for good, and one of the foundations of our civilisation. We need to fight our corner in debate – James Hannam – guardian.co.uk, Thursday 22 October 2009

The Intelligence Squared debate on Monday night saw the supporters of the motion that the Catholic Church is a force for good in the world decisively defeated.

As a historian, the fact that the Catholic Church has been a net contributor to human wellbeing is so obvious that it amazes me that it can even be a subject for debate. This realisation was a factor in my deciding to join the Church in the first place. One can reasonably ask whether Catholicism remains a positive influence today, whatever its record in the past. But even here, the arguments that can be made in favour of the Church are far more ponderous than those for the opposition. So why are Catholics so useless at making their case? (altro…)

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