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… even though most citizens have no strong ideological commitments of any sort, when they do they care more about their religious commitments than their political ones.

… societies can’t work purely on compulsion. They need large-scale, co-ordinated voluntary action. … And you can’t have large-scale co-ordinated voluntary action without faith: a combination of self-discipline and hope in an uncertain future state.

Faith and atheism in politics

Last night, an unexpected question prompted the party leaders to ‘do God’ for the first time during the campaign

Look at the things they didn’t say about the pope last night. Cameron and Brown are both privately devout Christians. Neither mentioned this in the debate; it won’t win votes. Clegg is an atheist and said so, presumably because there are some votes in that; but he said it in a very moderate way (“I’m not a man of faith”) and balanced it immediately with the information that his wife and children are Catholics.

They all said that they welcomed the pope’s visit; that they were opposed to child abuse and all either said or suggested that they disagreed with his teachings on sexuality. It would have been quite a story had any of them said anything different. No party leaders suggested they might learn anything from the churches. The obvious question is why not. There are at least twice as many regular Mass goers as there are members of all the political parties put together. Why don’t they ask what the pope has got that they have not? (altro…)

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5 marzo 2010
Il viaggio interiore del pellegrino Chesterton verso la Chiesa cattolica
di Massimo Donaddio

Chesterton e la Chiesa cattolica. La potremmo definire una storia d’amore, un “romanzo dell’ortodossia” che ha attraversato mente, cuore, penna, ogni fibra dell’essere di questo grande scrittore inglese, amico-rivale di George Bernard Shaw, che ha stupito il suo tempo con l’ironia e con la passione per il paradosso tipica delle genti d’Inghilterra, ma anche con un’adesione fermissima e convinta ai dogmi della Chiesa cattolica romana, tanto da dedicare ai temi della fede la gran parte della sua sterminata produzione letteraria. Un rapporto a fasi alterne, quello tra Chesterton e la Chiesa, sfociato in una conversione, prima al cristianesimo, in seguito alla forma cattolica della fede cristiana (1922). (altro…)

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di Sandro Magister

È approdato a Malta con la barca della Chiesa in piena burrasca. E si è trovato salvato da un folla straripante e festante. L’enigma del pontificato di Benedetto XVI è anche qui. I suoi 14 viaggi all’estero hanno sempre capovolto le fosche previsioni di ogni vigilia. È avvenuto così anche nei luoghi più ostici. In Turchia nel 2006, negli Stati Uniti e in Francia nel 2008, in Israele e Giordania l’anno dopo. A pranzo con i cardinali il 19 aprile, quinto anniversario della sua elezione a successore di Pietro, il papa ha citato sant’Agostino: “Mi sento pellegrino tra le persecuzioni del mondo e la consolazione di Dio”.

L’enigma di papa Benedetto è che egli è attaccato proprio dove i fatti gli danno ragione. (altro…)

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Evasive answers don’t help

The short answer is that the Bible is anti-gay. But this doesn’t necessarily mean what we take it to

John Richardson – guardian.co.uk, Thursday 17 December 2009 13.30 GMT

The question: Is the Bible anti-gay?

Is the Bible anti-gay? The short answer has to be “Yes”. Despite Theo Hobson’s commendable efforts to argue that it is not talking about us, and Davis Mac-Iyalla’s desire to summarise Jesus’ message as a quote from the Old Testament (Leviticus 19:18), the modern enquirer, who has posed this most modern of questions, will surely find any other answer evasive.

Yet that answer does not at all mean what the enquirer will take it to be saying. It is like the lawyer who asked of Jesus, “What shall I do to be saved?”and was told to keep the great commandments. The answer was true enough, but the fullness of truth lay outside the form of the question. The subsequent parable of the Good Samaritan is not a truism about altruism, but a challenge to the questioner’s world-view. (altro…)

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Rowan Williams attacks Labour over religion -Times Online.

“The trouble with a lot of government initiatives about faith is that they assume it is a problem, it’s an eccentricity, it’s practised by oddities, foreigners and minorities. ”

When asked if he believed political leaders should be more open about their religious beliefs, Dr Williams said: “I don’t think it would do any harm at all. I think part of establishing their human credentials is saying, ‘This is where my motivation comes from. I’m in politics because this is what I believe’.

“And that includes religious conviction.”

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Church of England: Imperial Rome
“It is not an act of aggression,” the Archbishop of Canterbury insisted as the Vatican’s metaphorical tanks drew up outside Lambeth Palace on Tuesday. Not even his admirers quite believed him, and few saw Pope Benedict’s back-channel deal with Anglo-Catholics opposed to women bishops as “not a vote of no confidence”. It looked much more as if the Pope had launched a small craft to ferry the disaffected back across the Tiber, a move to asset-strip the Anglican communion of those bits the Vatican might find useful. It was an uncompromising recognition of the fissiparous state of Anglicanism and the failure of Rowan Williams’ long, hard struggle to hold it together. (altro…)

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Vodpod videos no longer available.Spiegazione dell’Arcivescovo Cattolico.

more about “Conferenza stampa congiunta anglicani…“, posted with vodpod

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