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… of the 150 or so member organisations, about 120 are religious, because faith groups are what people actually join. It is religious belief, not political conviction which by and large gets people out of their houses and listening to speeches on a bank holiday afternoon.

…. Brown knew what the people in the hall were about in a quite visceral way: “a community is thousands of acts of friendship and service to one another” he said. That is what churches feel like when they are going right, and that is the feeling which politics as a media spectacle has entirely lost.

He shouted almost like a gospel singer, and the crowd responded like a congregation,

Faith trumps party politics

The party leaders’ performance yesterday at the ‘fourth debate’ showed how much they need to get religion back into politics
I watched the three party leaders at the Citizens UK meeting yesterday with a couple of distinguished political journalists. Neither of them had seen crowds anything like as large or as interested on the secular campaign trail. One of them said to me “there are 50,000 votes in this room” though there were only 2,500 people; and I wondered whether religion might not be the saving of political engagement in this country. (altro…)

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Are science and atheism compatible?

Science brings no comfort to to anyone with dogmatic beliefs about world

Posted by Andrew Brown Friday 12 February 2010 16.30 GMT guardian.co.uk

The General Synod this morning held a debate on whether science and religion are mutually exclusive, full of ordained scientists arguing that of course they are, and indeed the final vote was 241 to two in favour of the motion. I have failed to establish the identity of the dissident two. Faced with such a consensus I thought it might be fun to flip the question on its back and ask to what extent science is compatible with atheism. (altro…)

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France shows it can deal with death

Britain would do well to follow the French example and pay people who take time off to look after a dying relative or partner

Andrew Brown – guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 17 February 2010 10.00 GMT

The French state is not famous for sensitivity and tact, but this morning the parliament voted unanimously for a remarkably imaginative measure to make dying easier there. People who take time off to look after a relative or partner close to death will be entitled to an payment of €50 (£44) a day for 21 days. At a time when English politicians argue about a death tax, the French have got on and established a subsidy for the dying. (altro…)

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Father Polanski and Orwell – The reactions to Roman Polanski show how easily and deeply we slip into tribalism

Andrew Brown – Wednesday September 30 2009 – guardian.co.uk

There are some people ? Joan Smith, for example ? who think that it is right to punish any man in his forties who feeds a 13-year-old girl drink and drugs before having sex with her. They see nothing extenuating in his career as a film maker. For what it’s worth, I entirely agree with her. But much of the artistic establishment of Europe thinks that the rules should be different for great artists and that Polanski’s services to humanity outweigh any middle-aged indiscretions. (altro…)

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