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…. Abortion doesn’t help women. It hurts them. With that conviction, these activists hope to accomplish what the anti-abortion movement has failed to do for more than three decades: persuade … that, for women’s sake, abortion should not be legal. (…)

Rhonda Arias

Rhonda Arias

Spread across the country are anti-abortion groups that offer post-abortion counseling. The Catholic Church runs abortion-recovery ministries in at least 165 dioceses in the United States. (…)

“We must change the abortion debate … on the issue of defending the interests of women,” he wrote. The anti-abortion movement will never win over a majority … by asserting the sanctity of fetal life. Those in the ambivalent middle … are “focused totally on the woman.” And so the anti-abortion movement must do the same.

A parte le riflessioni non convenzionali sull’argomento, trovo bellissima la esperienza di sofferenza, conversione e missione di Rhonda Arias, raccontata nell’articolo. Buona lettura.

The New York Times – January 21, 2007

Is There a Post-Abortion Syndrome?


Early on a windy Saturday morning in November, Rhonda Arias drove her Dodge Caravan past a Wal-Mart at the end of her block and onto the Interstate. She was beginning the 50-mile drive from her house in southwest Houston to Plane State Jail, where she is, as she puts it, an “abortion-recovery counselor.” To Arias, that means helping women at the prison who have had abortions to understand how that procedure has stained them, and how it explains what has gone wrong in their lives. The prisoners’ abortions, she told me, “have a great deal to do with their pain.” (altro…)

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